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The Great War: Western Front offers strategy players a "living, persistent world" in which to fight

Check out this all-new deep-dive teaser.

Frontier Foundry and Petroglyph have unveiled an all-new first-look gameplay trailer for its upcoming strategy game, The Great War: Western Front.

The teaser introduces us "to the role of Theatre Commander" and provides an initial overview of the Campaign map. You can check it out below:

The Great War: Western Front | Extended Gameplay First Look.

"Today, players can experience an extended look, offering even more detail on the decisions they will be called to make as they lead their forces throughout the course of World War 1, in a conflict which will force them to fight for every inch as they seek to relive history, or redefine it," the development team tells us.

"The Great War: Western Front puts players in a unique 'dual role'. Not only will they have real-time control of the battlefield as Field Commander, but they will also be able to oversee the overall war effort in the role of Theatre Commander. In the latter, players will manage the Western Front from a grand strategy map view, research new technologies, and bolster the offensive or defensive capabilities of key regions in an effort to turn the tide of the war."

Players are able to coordinate their forces and "prepare for the battles to come" during each turn, where they'll also have to "weigh up the number of resources committed to every conflict". Decisions will directly influence your chances of success as you fight to deplete your enemy's National Will.

Interestingly, individual regions not only have their own levels of strength and National Will, but they'll also "carry the mark of previous combat encounters", too, providing an "authentic" WW1 battlefield experience as part of its "living, persistent world".

Petroglyph, the developer behind the excellent Command & Conquer Remastered, announced back in August that this World War 1 strategy game was due out next year, although as yet, there's still no specific release date.

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