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The Game Awards will offer live audio description for visually-impaired gamers for the first time

"Accessibility matters".

Upcoming awards event, The Game Awards, will include audio description for blind and partially-sighted fans when it's streamed on YouTube Gaming later this week.

In a tweet shared over the weekend, producer Geoff Keighley confirmed it will be the first time the live event has offered audio description for visually impaired players, closing his message with the statement "accessibility matters".

As Matt summarised earlier this week, The Game Awards - which will be presented by former Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aime, Brie Larson, Stephen A. Smith and Tom Holland amongst others this year - take place next Thursday, 10th December, at 7pm ET, which is midnight for us UK folk on Friday, 11th December. This year's show will feature Dragon Age 4's "next reveal".

For more on how accessibility features impact gamers with disabilities, find out what this generation's controllers mean for accessibility, and why news of a next-generation controller creates fear and uncertainty for some.

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