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The Elder Scrolls Online's next expansion takes you to the Orc capital

Largest DLC yet due 2nd November on PC, two weeks later on console.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited will receive its largest add-on yet in November, titled Orsinium.

PC players can purchase the expansion on 2nd November, followed by Xbox One owners on 17th November and PS4 players a day later.

Anyone with an active ESO Plus membership will get the content for free. Otherwise, it will cost around 3000 crowns via the in-game store.

You can buy Crowns at a retailer such as GAME in a pack of 3000 for £13.49.

Orsinium will include quests into the Orc capital - "a colossal new zone" - as well as a new single-player arena and public dungeons.

Bethesda has promised around 20 hours of extra content in all.

The last add-on, The Imperial City, launched just over a month ago priced at 2500 Crowns.

See how it looks in the new trailer below:

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