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The Elder Scrolls Online's Gates of Oblivion reveal delayed to avoid US Inauguration Day clash

"Given recent events, we are opting to play it safe."

The developer of The Elder Scrolls Online has delayed the global reveal event for Gates of Oblivion to avoid clashing with the United States Inauguration Day.

Inauguration Day is set for Wednesday 20th January, when Joe Biden will be sworn in as US president.

The reveal of Gates of Oblivion was planned for Thursday, 21st January, but will now take place on Tuesday, 26th January at 10pm UK time instead.

The developers replied to one fan on Twitter who questioned the decision given The Elder Scrolls Online's global playerbase to say "given recent events, we are opting to play it safe".

"We have players all over the world, but the majority of our employees live and work near the capital."

The mention of "recent events" is of course a reference to the Capitol attack by a pro-Donald Trump mob. Authorities in the US fear follow-up attacks. ZeniMax Media is headquartered just north of Washington, D.C.