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The Division director joins Hitman developer Io-Interactive

Will lead teams focusing on "gameplay, online and world".

The Division game director Ryan Barnard has joined Hitman developer Io-Interactive.

Dramatic reenactment of Barnard leaving Ubisoft.

Io-Interactive made the announcement that Barnard will serve as the studio's gameplay director.

"Ryan will focus on expanding on the near-endless possibilities of gameplay that a game like Hitman possesses," Io stated. "This means heading up the future efforts of three of our very core teams - gameplay, online and world - which will be no small task. Ryan's contributions to game design over the years show he's the ideal person to spearhead the coming efforts. We are very happy to add his talent to the pool of great people working at IOI."

The Hitman developer noted that Barnard is joining a team of 170 people who are currently working on wrapping up Hitman's episodic release.

We were fans of Hitman's debut episode. "Agent 47's return is long overdue, and so far, very welcome," said Eurogamer contributor Edwin Evans-Thirlwell in his Hitman review. Some of us were rather fond of The Division too.

What do you make of the move?