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The Division 2's big new update and game mode now arriving in February 2022

Was originally aiming for "late 2021".

The Division 2's long-awaited major new content update - which includes a game mode said to be entirely new to the franchise - will now launch in February next year. Ubisoft had previously said it would arrive "late 2021 at the earliest".

New content for The Division 2 was officially announced back in March, following Ubisoft's decision to continue supporting the online shooter despite initial plans to make December 2020's Update 12 its last. Since then, updates have largely been limited to re-runs of previous seasons while developer Ubisoft Massive works on delivering the next major release.

Announcing the studio's newly revised development timeline on its website, Ubisoft explained it had opted to shift the launch of The Division 2's next major content update - which will include "significant endgame changes and features" alongside the new game mode - to next February in order to ensure it is delivered "on par with our vision".

Digital Foundry - The Division 2: Next-Gen.

"Earlier this year, we shared our commitment to continue to support The Division 2," the publisher wrote. "Since then, we made various iterations on the plans and actively challenged ourselves not to compromise on quality and ambitions for this new content."

Although Ubisoft says it's "too early to share all details" about The Division 2's next big update, described as "one of our most ambitious to date", the publisher will be reintroducing its Intelligence Annex initiative to reveal key features and changes on a monthly basis - starting this Thursday, 28th October, with a look at the Specialisation Revamp.

The full reveal of the update, which will arrive in the form of a brand-new season, is set to take place in January next year. "To make sure we are building the best experience," Ubisoft adds, "we will also organise a dedicated PTS period on PC to collect your feedback and help us put the finishing touches before the release."

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