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The Club delayed until 2008

Christmas is cancelled.

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SEGA has confirmed to Eurogamer this afternoon that action shooter The Club will no longer be out this "holiday season".

Instead, the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 title will be with us in the cold and depressing months of "early 2008". When you'll probably be at the gym, remember, like you'll say in your New Year's resolution.

The Club is being developed by Bizarre Creations, the brain child behind the Project Gotham Racing series. Its aim is to do for shooters what PGR did for racing games. Chiefly, bring the freshness back, but also make it bundles of fun at the same time.

The premise is that powerful people in the world sponsor a secret organisation called The Club, where contestants go head-to-head for their idle gambling amusement. You'll play as one of eight fighters, and use lots of fire-power to destroy your opponents.

But killing isn't the real aim of the game. Scores are. Like Tony Hawk offerings, you'll battle to beat your friends' achievements by stringing combination kills together, landing ricochet shots, and generally pulling off impressive moves like a great big dirty show off.

We went to see it back in April, and were heartily impressed. It looked good, was solid, had plenty of pace and was action packed. "A beat-'em-up with guns," one spokesperson called it. And we agree.

Head over to our preview of The Club to find out more.

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