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The Case of the Golden Idol: The Spider of Lanka expansion arrives next month

Puzzle memory.

Point and click puzzle game The Case of the Golden Idol will receive a new expansion next month.

On 4th May, players will be able to head into the game's The Spider of Lanka expansion, in a bid to puzzle out just what exactly is going on across three new scenarios. This expansion will be in a completely new setting. In fact, so new, it is all taking place "thousands of miles from the rainy hills of Blackfield."

The Spider of Lanka kicks off a year before The Case of the Golden Idol's first scenario, and follows the story of Albert Cloudsley and Oberon Geller as they make their maiden voyage to the Kingdom of Lanka. Here, they will visit... actually, I can't tell you that. In the true spirit of The Case of the Golden Idol, that information has been redacted. I can share this trailer with you though, so please do sit back and enjoy.

Golden Idol Mysteries: The Spider of Lanka | Official Release Date Trailer.Watch on YouTube

"Delve deeper into complex personalities and conflicting motives at play as you scour the courtyards, throne rooms, dockyards and back alleys for clues behind the grander mystery," a press release for the expansion reads.

On its release, The Spider of Lanka will cost $5.99 (sorry, I wasn't given UK pricing). Please note, the base game is required to access the DLC.

With that in mind, if you are yet to play The Case of the Golden Idol, but are a fellow puzzle game fan, I would fully encourage you to give it a shot. The demo is still on Steam, if you are interested.

Eurogamer gave The Case of the Golden Idol a Recommended badge on its release last year, with Alexis Ong calling it an "excellent period murder-mystery".

"For me, Golden Idol's biggest triumph is the understated writing - this is a story with full-throated confidence in the player's deductive abilities, which elevates this from a basic murder-mystery game to a singular piece of narrative art," she wrote in her review.

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