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The Bitmap Brothers' 1996 RTS Z hits Steam this week

Z Steel Soldiers out later in July.

The Bitmap Brothers' light-hearted robot-themed real-time strategy game Z launches on Steam this week.

Z comes out on 5th July, courtesy of publishers Kiss Ltd and Kavcom. It includes the comedy cut-scenes and old-school RTS gameplay of the 1996 original.

"We've built it from scratch for today's PCs, but have kept all of The Bitmap Brothers' unique style, humour and attitude," said Kavcom boss Tony Kavanagh.

The developer behind Z on Steam is TickTock Games, which also worked on an updated version of The Bitmap Brothers' Z follow-up Z Steel Soldiers. That's due out on Steam on the 27th July 2014.

The Bitmap Brothers' games have seen a revival of sorts in recent years. A remastered version of The Chaos Engine launched in August 2013. Speedball 2 HD released on Steam on 5th December.

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