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Here's what the new Chaos Engine looks like

UPDATE: Out now on PC, Linux and Mac.

UPDATE: The Chaos Engine is out now on PC, Linux and Mac.

The remake is the work of Abstraction Games, the team who recently brought Hotline Miami to the PlayStation 3 and Vita, in close consultation with Mike Montgomery, one of the founding members of The Bitmap Brothers.

You can grab it from Steam, Get Games and GOG for £7.

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ORIGINAL STORY: Oh hey, there's a new Chaos Engine coming out. Well, I say new - it's a remake of the 1993 classic from the Bitmap Brothers. And when I say remake, it's kind of exactly the same as the original. Good thing or bad? I'm not entirely sure myself, having never been a huge fan of exercises like the anniversary edition of Combat Evolved which managed to smear Bungie's excellent art direction.

You certainly can't accuse this remake of that - it's a pixel for pixel recreation of the original, complete with options to smooth out the visuals should you so desire. Have a look for yourself in the video below, captured by Ian Higton at Rezzed just over a week back.

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The Chaos Engine remake is due out early in August, and if you all say enough nice things about it, it could wind up on the Vita.

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