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Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure due this month

UPDATE: Delayed for two more weeks.

UPDATE 22/04/2014: Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy adventure has been pushed back until 7th May, developer Big Finish Games has announced.

"The reason for this is simple: we want to make sure that when it comes time to releasing Tesla Effect we are going to present you with the most polished, perfected and purely awesome adventure gaming experience," the developer said on its Facebook page. "The team here at Big Finish Games is burning the midnight oil, working extra hard to help make this game a shining example of adventure gaming at its finest, and we feel it would be an injustice for our backers and fans to release a product before we feel it is ultimately ready."

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ORIGINAL STORY 03/04/2014: Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure is coming to PC and Mac on 22nd April.

Pre-orders on Steam and GoG come with a free copy of the soundtrack.

Tesla Effect began as a Kickstarter project by series creators Chris Jones and Aaron Conners. In June 2012 it succeeded its $450K goal with $598,104, then last August publisher Atlus picked it up.

This will mark Tex's sixth outing, as he last appeared in 1998's Tex Murphy: Overseer. Tesla Effect follows the noble PI as he awakens with seven years wiped from his memory. Who did this to him and why is a mystery, so ol' Tex has to get to the bottom of things from his rundown Old San Francisco office.

To commemorate Tesla Effect's upcoming release, Atlus and developer Big Finish Games have released the following clip detailing some of Murphy's less glamorous moments.

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