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Tale of Tales releases its surreal, sensual curio Luxuria Superbia

"A musical journey from the sensuous to the spiritual."

Tale of Tales, the experimental Belgium-based developer of The Path, The Graveyard and Bientôt l'été, has released its latest curio Luxuria Superbia on PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, Android tablets and Ouya today.

The computer version is usually $6.99 (about £5), but on sale for $4.99 (about £3), while the mobile and Ouya versions are typically $4.99, but on sale for £1.99 / $2.99.

Described by the developer as "a musical journey from the sensuous to the spiritual," Luxuria Superbia is a metaphorical interactive app about sexually pleasing the game. No, really. Ranging from cheeky sexual innuendo to more abstract forms of beauty punctuated by Bientôt l'été composer Walter Hus' soundtrack, Luxuria Superbia promises to "expand gradually into the ethereal and the euphoric."

"We feel beauty is the most important thing to experience in a human life," said the developer in its release announcement. "The joy that beauty brings makes us better and stronger people. And such joy can be found in both the sensual and the spiritual."

"We use music as an emotional reference in our work," Tale of Tales added. "We try to match the effect of the music in the visuals and the interactions in order to achieve a harmony of the senses."

In short: it looks something like this:

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Or like this when people are interacting with it.

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Care to give the provocative piece a gander?