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SWAT team tackles PSP

Target Liberty out this year.

Sierra's SWAT series is on its way to PSP courtesy of 3G Studios, and should be released in the US this coming autumn.

Called SWAT: Target Liberty, the new game's title hints at its content - a story of a SWAT team in New York City battling terrorists.

The plot's been put together by script-writer Scott Rosenbaum, whose name is jangling that little bell in your mind reserved for things related to excellent TV series The Shield.

In terms of gameplay, what you're looking at is a third-person tactical shooter, in which you take on the mantle of SWAT veteran Ken Thatcher, who gets stuck into evildoers along with his team of fellow officers, each of whom has unique abilities and follows Thatcher's lead.

When you enter a room, each enemy is given a corresponding face button, and firing is as simple as whacking it. Hold off for a second and you might get a more accurate hit, but don't expect to see enemies popping up in the same places over and over, as their positioning is randomised. And yes, if you're smart about it you can still cuff people instead.

Abilities such as those will be open to upgrades across the course of the 12-mission single-player game, and you can also expect to engage in some four-player ad hoc wireless gaming, although firm details of what that will entail have yet to be released.

Expect more soon.

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