SWAT: Target Liberty

SWAT: Target Liberty

SWAT: Target Liberty

More miss than hit.

Did you know that as well as a games, music and pointless-format movie player, the PSP also works as a time machine? Or so it seems when you're playing SWAT: Team Liberty. Boot up this game and you too can journey back, way back, to a time when it was okay for videogame characters to be implausibly stupid, capable of saying only three different things, and called names like Kurt Wolfe. Unfortunately it's 2007, and these sorts of things are not okay any more, and SWAT: Team Liberty is not much fun at all.

You'll probably be familiar with the SWAT games as a series of PC first-person shooters. The first PSP instalment, however, is a tactical squad-based game with a top-down perspective. It stars the aforementioned Kurt Wolfe, who becomes embroiled in some rubbishy old plot about Korean gangsters and nuclear weapons. This is explained via sub-PSone cut-scenes featuring characters who talk without opening their mouths. At least you can skip them.

Kurt is accompanied on his adventures by a couple of team-mates. They have nicknames like Python and Hollywood, and specialist skills like interrogation, intimidation and observation. At the start of each mission you can choose which SWAT operatives make up the team, according to what skills will be needed and your particular approach to defeating the Korean gangster-related nuclear threat.

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Sierra Showcase

Hands-on with Crash and Scarface on Wii, and SWAT on PSP.

Sometimes people just can't decide what you should call them. Take Prince Rogers Nelson. For years, the purple one was happy being called simply 'Prince'. Then it was TAFKAP, The Artist, or at one stage just a ludicrous squiggle. Vivendi Games is another prime example. Down the years it's been Sierra, Cendent, Havas, Vivendi Universal, sometimes VU Games, now Vivendi Games. Except it isn't. Oh the confusion. And then we get whisked off to a US press event in San Francisco and told that in no uncertain terms that this is Sierra Games and that we should refer to it as such. Mercy.

SWAT team tackles PSP

Target Liberty out this year.

Sierra's SWAT series is on its way to PSP courtesy of 3G Studios, and should be released in the US this coming autumn.