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Superbikes dated for May

PS2 and PSP on grid.

SBK-07: Superbike World Championship will be heading to PS2 and PSP on 18th May.

It's being created by Italian developer Milestone and is shaping up to be a serious contender in the racing genre.

That's because the focus of the game is on real world handling and physics, which has given it a much more logical and intuitive control system than main rival MotoGP.

Plus there's all your motorbike heroes riding the newest and best two-wheelers in the business. It's even got 13 officially licensed courses! Wait. That's not that exciting.

The game's also coming out on PC and Xbox 360 in the fourth quarter of 2007. Koch ensures us that these will not simply be ports, but unique versions created specifically for each platform. So expect them to put each system through its paces and maximise the SBK vision of "speed, danger, and glamour".

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