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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Super Rub A Dub on PS3 Store

Cheap (cheep?) for a month.

Sony's ambitious downloadable duck-'em-up Super Rub A Dub is available now on the PS3 Store for an introductory price of GBP 3.49 / EUR 4.99 until 23rd May.

Rub A Dub is about using the Sixaxis tilt function to get rid of pesky sharks and guide noble yellow ducks to the plughole. The full version features some 60 levels.

If you feel the need to check it out before you, er, "take the plunge", then there's a five-level demo to whet your appetite.

Sounds like a plan to us. Find out whether it's good, solid bath-time fun or a bit of an ugly duckling when our full review of Super Rub A Dub bubbles to the surface later this week. Along, judging by today's puns, with our P45. Sniff.

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