Super Rub'a'Dub

Super Rub'a'Dub

Super Rub'a'Dub

Rub a duck.

It has been five months since the PlayStation 3 was first released, and it's curious to note that support for the Sixaxis controller is still somewhat thin on the ground. Sure, we've had the odd spot of lacklustre optional support (MotorStorm, Virtua Tennis 3, Need for Speed and Q*Bert spring to mind) but there's been nothing to test the Sixaxis motion sensor as a precision controller; no showcase game to suggest that wobbling your joypad about offers anything better than using the bog standard analogue controls. SCEA's flOw boasted full motion-sensitive support of course, but its ketamine-fuelled pace was barely a test of the controller's mettle.

Enter Super Rub'a'Dub; a Sixaxis-based title that charges you with the task of guiding a plastic mother duck around a series of bath-time derived aquatic mazes, popping bubbles to free trapped ducklings and then guiding them through to the exit. Rather than control the maternally-driven fowl directly with the analogue stick, you move about by tilting the entire gameplay arena using the PS3 controller. Everything on-screen not encased in a bubble is affected by your movements, a state of affairs most dramatically demonstrated by shaking the joypad sharply - an action that sends everything flying into the air, useful for levels that require you to jump from area to area.

Clockwork sharks infest the majority of the game's 60 levels and wildly shaking the Sixaxis reaps rewards here too, as all but the largest predators can be tossed onto their backs and then flushed away from the gameplay arena with a skilled twist of the controller. However, the biggest challenges facing you are the ebbs and flows of the on-screen waterways. Here's where absolute control of the Sixaxis is required in order to battle the tides and stay on-course. As you progress into the game's trickiest levels, the power of the tides becomes far more pronounced, accentuating the challenge and pushing the control method beyond its limits and into the realms of gaming annoyance.

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Super Rub A Dub on PS3 Store

Cheap (cheep?) for a month.

Sony's ambitious downloadable duck-'em-up Super Rub A Dub is available now on the PS3 Store for an introductory price of GBP 3.49 / EUR 4.99 until 23rd May.