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Super Mario 64 120 star speed run sets new world record

Siglemic does it all in 1:43:54, after 5000 hours of practice.

Speed runner Siglemic set a new world record by completing Super Mario 64, collecting all 120 stars, in one hour, 43 minutes and 54 seconds - narrowly beating his previous world record by seven seconds.

Watch live video from Siglemic on TwitchTV

His Twitch run is a harrowing watch as the man defies gravity, geometry, and what we all thought mankind was capable of.

In his FAQ, Siglemic laid out the details behind such a run. To start with, he insisted on using the original N64 version of the game, despite its slower loading times compared to the Wii Virtual Console, because the Wii version only uses 66 per cent of the analogue stick while the rest is dead zone. As such, he's more attuned to the tighter feel of the original console.

Furthermore, he uses the Japanese version of the game, which he noted has a 2.7 second advantage. When it comes to setting world records, every second is precious.

Clearly a lot of blood, sweat and tears were put into this run. How much exactly, you ask? Well, Siglemic estimated that he poured roughly 5000 hours into Super Mario 64 in order to perform such a feat.

When asked "Why don't you speedrun Super Mario Galaxy?" Siglemic efficiently responded "I don't like it."