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Summer camp simulator Camp Canyonwood releases in early access next week

Carry on camping.

A cartoon camp counsellor chops down a tree as campers play around, talking to friendly-looking moose
Image credit: Graffitti Games

Summer camp simulator Camp Canyonwood will release next week as an early access title.

From 4th August, you can step into the shoes of the newest counsellor at Camp Canyonwood, where you'll manage campers, teach them new skills, earn badges, and work to restore the camp by "building and modifying the campground".

Cover image for YouTube videoCamp Canyonwood Customization Trailer
Camp Canyonwood Customisation Trailer.

"Build and manage a struggling summer camp to restore its former glory!" teases the video description. "Each summer, teach new campers activities like fishing, archery and more, while protecting them from dangers natural and supernatural. Keep campers happy to earn funds for improving the campground until it's better than ever!"

Activities include fishing, archery, rock collecting, and gazing up at the stars, although you'll have to get to know your campers' "distinct quirks and preferences" to ensure they have a great time. Just keep an eye out for the odd snake, bear and, uh, alien…

As Graffiti's previous game, We Need To Go Deeper, "benefited from Early Access tremendously", the team says it's chosen to release in Early Access so it can "directly build the game alongside an active community". Camp Canyonwood is expected to stay in Early Access for "about" a year and the full release hopes to include "additional biome types, add additional badges and activities, additional in-game encounters and events, controller support, and more".

For more games with crafting and survival elements, all next week Valve is running Steam Survival Fest, a celebration of survival games that will include "demos and discounts on games that test your ability to survive the elements".