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Sudoku latest on PS3 Store

Bundles to fit your needs.

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Go! Sudoku is the latest release on Europe's PlayStation 3 Store, offering fans of the sub-Slitherlink number-juggling nonsense various bundles of puzzles, support for 2-4 players and online leaderboards.

There's a Go! Sudoku Starter Pack, which is free, and offers ten puzzles ranging from easy to fiendish. Or, depending on your skill level, you can spend GBP 1.99 on an Easy Pack (520 puzzles), Mild (380), Difficult (200) or Fiendish (100).

But if you're that much of a Sudoku fan, surely the only choice for you is the Go! Sudoku All Levels pack, offering 1200 of the bastards for GBP 4.99.

It even runs in 1080p, which seems a bit absurd, but then so have several of Sony's other downloadable games. In recent weeks, these have included trancelike scoffing mentalist flOw and bouncy duck juggler Super Rub'a'Dub.

Sony plans to keep up the new additions, too, with Go! Puzzle - a collection of three different puzzle titles that has you lining up mines to safely detonate them, twisting blocks to match colours, and building up skyscrapers - due for release on 20th April.

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