Go! Sudoku

Trios of PSN games to be bundled on UMD

PSP packs to reach new audience.

Sony plans to offer trios of PSN games on UMD discs starting this October, ensuring PSP owners throughout the land can lay their mitts on previously download-only content.

Sudoku latest on PS3 Store

Bundles to fit your needs.

Go! Sudoku is the latest release on Europe's PlayStation 3 Store, offering fans of the sub-Slitherlink number-juggling nonsense various bundles of puzzles, support for 2-4 players and online leaderboards.

Sudoku to boost PSP numbers

1,000-puzzle-strong Sony title.

Sony this week quietly continued its push to plant the PSP in the pockets (or at least handbags and backpacks) of new gamers with the announcement of Go! Sudoku, giving fans of the Japanese newspaper import 1,000 new puzzles to contend with and the promise of customisation, multiplayer and downloadable content. It's due out on the PSP in Europe this December.