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Streets of Rage 2 on VC soon

Four more from SEGA.

SEGA yesterday shed more light on its plans for Virtual Console, revealing that US gamers would be able to get their hands on Streets of Rage 2, Toe Jam & Earl II: Panic on Funkotron, Shining in the darkness and Kid Chameleon in the near future - a situation likely to be reflected in Europe.

There's no immediate word on exactly when our American friends will be able to punch and feast their way through the scrolling beat-'em-up and its pals, other than "soon", but each is likely to cost 800 Wii points.

Streets of Rage 2 is certainly the highlight - a side-scrolling orgy of face-kicking fun, with a two-player duel mode to boot - and sees Axel, Blaze, Skate and Max Thunder off on a journey to take down Mr. X and rescue their buddy Adam.

Elsewhere, the second title in quirky Toe Jam & Earl series ought to delight those who remember it, as the eponymous duo use their mythical "funk powers" to tackle the trials the platforms ahead of them form, while Kid Chameleon offers similarly memorable face-swapping platforming, and Shining in the Darkness is altogether different - a relic of the first days of Megadrive RPGs, and precursor to the other Shining RPG titles.

We'll let you know when each of them hits. For more on Virtual Console, check out news of today's European additions: Lylatwars and Donkey Kong Jr. Math.