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Lylatwars hits European VC

Go Fox yourself.

Nintendo is finally offering N64 classic Lylatwars - or StarFox 64 - for purchase through Virtual Console, following its recent release on the US version of the Wii retro download service.

The platform holder has even thrown over a bunch of screenshots to celebrate, in case you can't remember what the ten year-old Nintendo 64 shoot-'em-up, which costs 1000 Wii points, looks like.

Also released this Friday is Donkey Kong Jr. Math - also with gallery - which Nintendo cunningly describes as "one of the forefathers of brain games".

Originally released for the NES in 1987 - and 500 Wii points to you now - it's an "educational title" designed to put two players' maths skills to the test in a familiar setting. "You don't have to be a genius to own Donkey Kong Jr. Math," says Nintendo, which - given that inflation probably means you're paying more for it now than you would have done 20 years ago - could probably be put another way.