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Street Fighter Alpha confirmed for PSN

Out this Thursday in US, PAL unknown.

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Capcom has confirmed the January ESRB listing for Street Fight Alpha on PS3 and PSP - it's the PSone version and it's out this week in the US according to the publisher's website.

However, there's no word on whether we'll be seeing it on the European PlayStation Store at the same time as its US counterpart, and Capcom's usually trusty community bods hadn't clarified that on the Capcom-Unity blog thread at the time of writing.

We've left requests for information with the usual suspects.

Street Fighter Alpha - known as Zero in Asia - is a prequel to Street Fighter II with anime-esque graphics and an elaborate combo and counter system. It also introduces Charlie, Rose and Dan to the series, and features a pair of characters from Final Fight.

It was followed up by a pair of sequels that also appeared on PSone, and judging by all the moaning on that Capcom-Unity thread, the kids would have preferred Street Fighter Alpha 3. With online modes. Because that was ever possible.

Capcom hasn't announced pricing for Street Fighter Alpha, but PSone titles typically cost GBP 3.49. PSone releases are compatible with PS3 and PSP.

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