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Street Fighter 5's in-game ads return, this time for Uniqlo

But they're not on characters any more.

Street Fighter 5's much-maligned in-game adverts have returned.

After Capcom slapped Dhalsim's necklace of shrunken human skulls with an ad for its Pro tour, the company said it was going to have a rethink. Now, in-game ads are back, this time letting us know about new Street Fighter T-shirts from Japanese clothing shop Uniqlo (thanks, EventHubs).

However, the ads work a little differently this time. While they appear in stages (Capcom Pro Tour-themed stages only) and during pre-match loading, they do not appear on the characters themselves, which suggests Capcom's learnt a valuable lesson.

As before, if you have the adverts enabled, you'll get a small amount of Fight Money.

Whatever your opinion on Street Fighter 5's in-game adverts, I reckon Uniqlo's Street Fighter T-shirts look quite nice. I particularly like the Dhalsim one, simply because it looks so odd.

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