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Steam Hoard release date, price revealed

Out next month.

The Steam version of dragon strategy arcade game Hoard launches on PC and Mac on 4th April, Big Sandwich Games has announced.

It costs $9.99, but a limited time "fire-sale" discount of 25 per cent will be available to pre-sales from 21st March.

Like the console version, Steam Hoard has four modes, over 35 levels, leaderboards, four-player co-op and competitve multiplayer.

But the Steam version also has some new features not in in the console release, including an all new Night Mode, a Winter tile set, new maps and over a hundred Steam achievements. Then, of course, there's Steam Play, facilitating PC and Mac cross-platform play.

"Hoard is a great fit for Steam's vibrant player community," said designer Tyler Sigman.

"We're thrilled to finally confirm a date, and look forward to seeing a lot of dragons flying around on 4th April!"

Hoard first released in the US for PlayStation 3 as a PlayStation Network download. Kristan Reed's 8/10 Hoard review revealed a quality arcade experience. "With its immediate sense of fun and slick controls, Hoard hooks you in right from the off - whether in campaign mode or competitive multiplayer - and it's also a formula with a surprising amount of depth."