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Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness gets a release date

Relia buy it?

The fifth main Star Ocean game - the one with the bizarre subtitle Integrity and Faithlessness - will come to European PlayStation 4s 1st July 2016, Square Enix has announced.

That's actually fairly close to the Japanese release, which happened only days ago - 31st March 2016. The North American release will be 28th June.

It's now been several years since Star Ocean: The Last Hope was released in 2009, so this new game will look considerably flashier. It also has some nifty features up its sleeve, chief among them combat for parties of seven, and combos possible between the characters. Star Ocean: The Last Hope only supported parties of four.

You'll be able to choose between English and Japanese voice overs, opting for subtitles for the latter. Nice touch, that - always appreciated.

Star Ocean is a Japanese role-playing mish-mash of fantasy and spaceships. It follows swordsman Fidel and his band of merry adventurers as they try to protect someone called Relia.

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