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Star Ocean dev unveils PS3/360 RPG

Futuristic collaboration with SEGA.

Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean developer Tri-Ace has unveiled a futuristic RPG called End of Eternity for Xbox 360 and PS3, according to Japan's Famitsu magazine.

This will be a collaboration with SEGA, and the first project Tri-Ace hasn't partnered with Square Enix on. The Famitsu article (translated by 1UP) forecasts a Japanese launch at the end of the year.

End of Eternity - around 65 per cent complete - sets the scene in the massive machine-city of Burzel, where day-to-day life revolves around an unspecified one-god religion. Just imagine.

Three characters have been revealed: Vashyron, a 26-year-old soldier working for a private military company; Zephyr, a 17-year-old boy scouted by Vashyron (a dialogue quote - "The fact that I live is proof there is no God" - is attributed to him); and "Experiment 20", a girl fated to die on her 20th birthday.

Gameplay is based on a grid of hexes, although dungeons play out in third-person and battles are semi-real-time. Parties can contain up to three members at once.

More will become clear when the official End of Eternity site opens this Friday. Sounds interesting so far.