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SSFIV Arcade Edition DLC confirmed?

Leaked trailer spills the beans.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The four exclusive Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition fighters are on their way to consoles as a single DLC pack, according to a leaked trailer.

The clip, originally hosted by ConsoleTECH but since removed by Capcom, confirms that Street Fighter III's Yun and Yang, Evil Ryu and new character Oni will be made available on console as downloadable content.

There are new animated prologue and ending cinematics for all four, as well as support for additional alternative costumes.

The add-on will apparently also incorporate the arcade version's tweaked character balancing, an enhanced replay channel that allows you to swap replay data with other users and a new Elite Channel where you can watch replays of bouts between players with 3000PP and above.

We're checking in with Capcom for clarification and will update if it responds.

There's no word on a release date yet, but a BBFC listing discovered last month suggested it would be available on 24th June.

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