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Square Enix expanding for "new consoles"

"We want to prepare ourselves."

Square Enix plans to open a second Canadian studio where at least 100 people will focus on making big games for the new generation of home consoles.

The exact location hasn't been decided upon - it could be Quebec, Montreal or Toronto. Doors are to open probably next year, reported La Presse.

"The new consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will require more attention and more staff," commented Eidos Montreal boss Stephane d'Astous. "We want to prepare ourselves."

As yet, neither Microsoft nor Nintendo nor Sony has revealed a next generation console. Of The Big Three, Nintendo is expected to be closest, with many eyeing this summer's E3 as a likely platform for the announcement. But, then, we've said that before.

Microsoft extended the life of Xbox 360 by launching Kinect in November 2010. Sony added PlayStation Move a few months earlier. Their launches represent a rough half-way point in a longer generation cycle, and both Microsoft and Sony appear content with that.

As do developers, with the likes of THQ's Danny Bilson going as far as to say that new consoles now would be "horrible".

Others, however, look forward with anticipation and enthusiasm: Epic Games has already shared its vision of what next generation games running Unreal Engine could look like.

Epic's vision of the next generation.