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Square Enix announces NFT project Symbiogenesis

A "new franchise" for Final Fantasy publisher.

Final Fantasy maker Square Enix has announced Symbiogenesis, an interactive NFT project.

Symbiogenesis will launch in spring next year as a browser-based game for PC and mobile, Square Enix announced today, and be a new "franchise" for the company which will use the Ethereum blockchain.

Characters from the game will be able to collect as digital art. There's also an interactive story where players can "untangle a mystery by completing missions". There's no explanation of why this incorporates NFTs at all.

Cover image for YouTube videoEurogamer Newscast: Why are video game companies still trying to flog us NFTs?
Eurogamer Newscast: Why are video game companies still trying to flog NFTs?

Symbiogenesis' story will apparently ask questions regarding the "monopolisation and distribution of resources", which is definitely something to be thinking about as you swap your planet-burning digital tokens for any of this nonsense.

Sales of Symbiogenesis NFT collectible art and the project's free browser service are set to launch in spring 2023.

This isn't Square Enix's first foray into NFTs. Back in July the publisher announced it would release a range of Final Fantasy NFTs to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy 7. Those are also expected to arrive in 2023.