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Speedball 2 site open

Hidden secret buried within.

The official website for Speedball 2 is now alive in English, French, and German.

It'll form the base for news updates, downloads and discussion boards, and will direct you to the all important central Game Centre. This is set to launch in the near future and will be the game's online hub, housing a worldwide ranking and league system, marketplace to buy in-game goods, and various community bits and pieces.

The website also has a hidden gimmick for you to uncover, and successful spotters will be entered into a raffle to win a Creative Soundsystem P380, a backpack from Alienware and a Speedball 2 jumper.

Speedball 2 is a modern-day take on the classic and ultra violent game that first appeared on the Amiga. Kylotonn is developing the PC game, under the close supervision of original creator Mike Montgomery, and publisher Frogster hopes to have it on shelves in the fourth quarter of the year.

We recently sent Kieron Gillen out to see how the game was shaping up, and the response was positive. Head over to our Speedball 2 preview to find out more.

Alternatively you can charge into our Speedball 2 gallery for a look at some new screenshots.