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Special edition gold and silver Mario Amiibo spotted

Gotta collect 'em all.

Nintendo looks set to launch a pair of special edition gold and silver Mario Amiibo figurines.

Last night eagle-eyed fans on NeoGAF spotted the pair of unannounced toys listed deep within the bowels of Nintendo of America's support site. The listings have now been removed.

Product images show the figures to be alternately-coloured variants of the Mario Amiibo due in the upcoming Super Mario Amiibo series.

No other differences are detailed.

There's no word on how the figures will be sold or released - whether they will be widely available to buy or distributed as part of a promotion.

But while still not officially confirmed, the figurines have already drawn criticism from fans keen on collecting every Amiibo figurine released.

An expensive undertaking just on its own, the process of finding particular figures has been complicated by the rarity of some models.

Lesser-known characters such as the Animal Crossing Villager, Kirby foe King Dedede and Mario Galaxy's Rosalina have all proven difficult to track down.

Meanwhile, the second-hand market for Amiibo has soared and many retailers have chosen to sell new toys for above their RRP.

41 Amiibo figurines have been announced so far, including four waves of Super Smash Bros. characters and one wave of Super Mario favourites. At a face value of £10.99, collecting lot would currently cost £450.59.

We've contacted Nintendo UK and asked for more information.

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