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South Park XBLA game details revealed

Involves tower defence and flaming hippies.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The first details of the South Park game for Xbox Live Arcade have been revealed, and turns out it's a tower defence game.

You could probably guess this from the title, even though it's spelled in American: South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play.

As revealed in a video over on Gametrailers, you get to play as the four main characters who each have special abilities. Other characters in the series can also be unlocked.

The game is said to be "a lot more action-oriented" than typical tower defence games. Or as lead designer John Scott Tynes puts it, "South Park Tower Defense Play is a game where you can set hippies on fire. This is a bold innovation and I'm really excited about it."

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play will debut on 7th October, the same day the new series of the TV show starts on Comedy Central. It's not known whether that date applies worldwide, but we'll ask.

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