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Sony shows off white Xperia Play

It's an O2 exclusive.

You'll be able to pick up a white version of Sony Ericsson's PlayStation-friendly Xperia Play smartphone when it launches later this year, but only if you choose O2 as your network.

There's no word yet on which carriers in other countries have snagged the same exclusive, nor exactly when it goes on sale, though a number of UK networks have said it will be available in April.

Eurogamer's Oli Welsh got up close and personal with the much-discussed device earlier this week and came away relatively impressed.

"The controls feel high-quality, but they don't feel like a PlayStation – something which holds true for the Xperia Play as a whole," he wrote.

"Despite the nominal similarity to PSPgo, it doesn't bear any family resemblance to or design hallmarks of SCE products, and indeed is only passingly identifiable as a Sony Ericsson phone. It's very much an anonymous Android handset with the added novelty of game controls."