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Sony sets a date for its E3 media showcase

Same as it ever was.

Sony has set a date for its annual E3 media showcase, and it should come as precisely no surprise to anyone.

As revealed by Geoff Keighley on Twitter (and as confirmed by me, on the telephone to Sony), this year's PlayStation E3 Media Showcase will begin on Monday, June 12th at 6pm Pacific time. That translates to Tuesday, June 13th at 2am BST in the UK, so you're going to want to set your alarm (or drink many cups of coffee).

Sony's 6pm Monday slot is pretty much E3 tradition these days, of course. Microsoft, however, is shaking things up a little this year, moving its E3 Xbox showcase from its usual Monday morning slot to Sunday, June 11th at 2pm Pacific time (10pm in the UK).

That just leaves Nintendo (of the three big platform holders) to finalise its E3 showcase plans. We do know that it will, once again, be foregoing a live event in favour of a digital broadcast, but timings have yet to be revealed.

E3 proper opens its doors on Tuesday, June 13th and closes them again on Thursday, June 15th, whereupon everyone will go home for a cry and a sleep.

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