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Sony reveals Go!View retail deals

Get up to three months free.

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Sony has announced two new Go!View retail deals that offer more free time with the PSP's video-on-demand service

The first is a hardware pack: Black PSP3000, 2GB memory stick, mini-USB cable and two months' free subscription to Go!View.

The second is a memory stick bundle: 4GB memory stick, mini-USB cable and two month's free subscription to Go!View.

Currently, when PSP users register on the Go!View website they receive a month's free subscription to the service. This stacks with the retail deals, offering a potential three months' free subscription to Go!View.

Go!View offers content from three genres: entertainment, sports and comedy. Subscription packs are usually a fiver (EUR 7) for one genre, eight quid (EUR 11) for two or a tenner (EUR 14) for all three. All can be sampled during the free subscription period.

Rental TV is also available for GBP 1.50 (EUR 2) an episode, and movies can be downloaded for GBP 2.50 (EUR 3.50) each.

Go!View - a joint venture with BSkyB - lets content be downloaded on PC then transferred across to PSP. Shows like Lost and sports events such as the Champions League are headline attractions.

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