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Sony reportedly unveiling Game-Pass-style PlayStation Plus overhaul "as early as next week"

Will launch with "splashy lineup of hit games".

Following months of rumours and reports, it's now claimed Sony will unveil its new Game-Pass-style PlayStation Plus subscription overhaul - codenamed Spartacus - "as early as next week".

That's according to Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, who first reported on Sony's Spartacus plans last December, claiming the new service would effectively combine the company's two current PlayStation subscription offerings - PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now - into a single package split across three different subscription tiers.

As per Bloomberg's original report, the first of these three tiers is said to effectively be PlayStation Plus as it is today - that is, required to play online titles on PlayStation and providing a number of monthly games for subscribers to add to their libraries at no extra cost.

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - March 2022.

As for the mid-tier option, previous reports have claimed subscribers will gain access to a downloadable game catalogue featuring around 300 titles, in a similar vein to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, while the top tier is said to offer access to PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games, alongside extended demos, and cloud streaming.

Following Bloomberg's initial report, VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb claimed these three tiers would be known as Essential, Extra, and Premium, priced at $10 USD, $13, and $16 respectively.

Schreier's latest report, suggesting Sony may finally be ready to unveil its new PlayStation subscription offering as early as next week, didn't offer much additional information beyond that previously shared, but did cite sources claiming the company plans to launch its new service with a "splashy lineup of hit games". Hopefully more will be revealed soon.

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