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Sony quiet on WipEout HD

Can't confirm anything.

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Sony UK has declined to comment on reports that the company is preparing a "WipEout HD" title as a downloadable PlayStation Network product.

WipEout Pulse game director Tony Buckley reportedly told 1UP that the internal Liverpool studio handling WipEout titles wants to release the PSN version quickly, and that we may see an announcement in August or even at E3 next month.

WipEout HD would feature online multiplayer, 1UP added, and would be an addition to the WipEout release schedule rather than a replacement for the full WipEout game that Sony Liverpool is known to be developing, which is supposedly due out next year.

A spokesperson for Sony UK said: "I can't confirm anything about WipEout on the PS3 at this time."

Earlier this month we spoke to WipEout designer Clark Davies about WipEout Pulse, the one Sony Liverpool WipEout game that is confirmed for this year, and he told us it was "too soon" to discuss plans on PS3.

But hey, we know something's going on, and WipEout HD sounds like a good bet given Sony's obvious fondness for high-definition PlayStation Network releases. Expect more in the coming weeks.

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