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Sony patent for removable PS5 faceplates published

Covers itself.

A Sony patent for removable PlayStation 5 faceplates has been published.

OPAttack spotted the patent on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website, dated 16th November.

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The patent has sparked speculation Sony may be ready to sell its own PS5 faceplates and skins, or hand out official licenses to third-parties to sell their own.

Image credit the USPTO.

Sony has butted heads with a number of companies who have sold unofficial PS5 faceplates since the console went on sale last year.

Last year, the company behind PlateStation5.com was forced to change its name and remove PS5 imagery after Sony threatened legal action. Eventually, the firm cancelled all preorders.

In February, Canadian-based device customisation company Dbrand launched its replacement PS5 plates, dubbed Darkplates, with a brazen attitude towards the prospect of a Sony takedown.

Dbrand said it subsequently received a letter from Sony threatening legal action - and in October complied with the demands.

In a reddit post published last month, Dbrand claimed Sony did not have a registered design patent for PS5 plates when it launched its own version. But after Sony secured the patent, it launched the legal threat.

The PS5 plates do come off with a bit of fiddling about - as Sony itself revealed in the run up to the November 2020 launch of the console. At the time it was felt Sony planned to sell its own official replacement plates, although the company has yet to announce such a product.