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Sony narrows PlayStation VR2 launch window

"Early 2023."

We now have a slightly better idea when PlayStation VR2 will arrive: in "early 2023".

A 2023 launch had been speculated based on recent reports eyeing Sony's financial forecast and production pipeline.

As for when exactly "early 2023" will mean... Sony is staying schtum for now. We also still have no idea how much the headset itself will cost.

Digital Foundry dissects the PlayStation VR2's technical capabilities.Watch on YouTube

PlayStation posted the vague PSVR2 launch window to its Instagram account last night, along with the simple message: "Coming early 2023. #PSVR2"

Despite the wait, we now know a fair bit about how PSVR2 will work - as well as the fact it will arrive with at least 20 games.

The headset will feature a 4K display with a 110-degree field of view, capable of either 90 or 120Hz, and connect to your PlayStation 5 console via USB cable.

Motion tracking will be provided by cameras on the headset itself, rather than a separate camera connected to your PlayStation. This will also allow you to see "through" the headset and view your surroundings.

For a more in-depth look at the headset's stats, here's Eurogamer's full guide to PlayStation VR2.