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Sony is sending out invites for the chance to buy a PS5

For the players.

With the launch of the PlayStation Direct store across Europe in November, Sony hinted at the sale of PlayStation 5 consoles directly to consumers, although none had materialised at the time.

Now, PlayStation users in the UK have been receiving email invitations from Sony giving them exclusive access to the opportunity to purchase a PS5.

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The email gives lucky recipients a unique link to access the sale along with other PlayStation users.

According to the email, users were selected "based on previous interests and PlayStation activities", though it's unclear what activities qualify. It's worth noting I received the invitation despite the fact I already own a PS5 (which I suppose does show interest in the console).

The FAQs clarify that invitees have the chance to purchase the maximum of one PS5, three white, two red, and two black DualSense controllers, one media remote, one white and one black Pulse 3D headset, one charging station, and one HD Camera.

To access the sale, invitees would have to login to their PSN ID, which should prevent scalpers from using bots to scrape up all the stock, or just stop you from giving the link to your mates.

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have been in short supply since their release last year, thanks mostly due to the global shortage of components and shipping delays. This has made it extremely difficult for consumers to get their hands on the new consoles, especially as scalpers have exploited the situation to resell the consoles at an extortionate markup.

Retailers such as GAME have attempted to alleviate the problem by verifying customers to ensure that only one console is shipped per address. Sony's entry into the European market as a retailer should hopefully give genuine customers a better chance of getting their hands on one.

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