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PlayStation Direct store launches in Germany

UPDATE: Now launched in the UK.

UPDATE 10/11/21: The PlayStation Direct store has now launched in the UK, allowing consumers to purchase hardware, accessories and games direct from Sony.

Still no PS5 stock though.

ORIGINAL STORY 08/11/21: The PlayStation Direct online store is now live in Germany, with other European countries to follow "soon".

The store allows Sony Interactive Entertainment to sell its products directly to consumers, including consoles, accessories and games.

It's been live in the US since 2019 and will now launch across Europe.

A tweet from the official PlayStation account notes that UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg will be launching in the near future.

The German store does list the PlayStation 5 console - alongside the DualSense controller, headset, PS Plus membership, and a couple of PlayStation exclusive games - but the console is, of course, out of stock.

The store does include the DualSense variations: Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. There's also the Pulse 3D wireless headset in Midnight Black.

It's unclear whether there will be more console stock direct from Sony rather than with other retailers. Says Sony: "our goal is to make it easier for PlayStation fans and gift givers to shop for consoles, games, and accessories."

Console shortages are still widespread, although Sony has now sold 13.5m consoles worldwide.

According to Intel, console and PC shortages are likely to continue into 2023.

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