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Sony is exchanging faulty PS4s ASAP

Now claims the issue affects "less than one per cent."

Much like the Xbox 360 before it, the PS4 has shipped out with perhaps a slightly higher failure rate than was to be expected. Last week Sony pegged the defective rate as an acceptable 0.4 per cent, but now it's claiming that it's only "less than one per cent," in a statement to GameInformer. How much less? We don't know, but it sounds like it's risen or Sony would have boasted "less than half a per cent." Details.

You heard the man, PS4. Don't blink!

The good news: Sony is replacing all defective PS4s ASAP with none of the usual rigmarole that comes with a hardware exchange. "SCEA is exchanging units with new replacements for those who call our support line," a Sony rep told GameInformer. "The exchanges are immediate with expedited shipping."

We're not sure if this offer will extend to the UK when the PS4 launches in Europe on 29th November, but we've reached out to Sony and intend to find out. With any luck the extra fortnight will be used to work out the kinks - whether they're with the units themselves or how they're shipped. Or maybe "less than one per cent" is par for the course, but that sounds rather high for a system that sells over a million copies at launch. After all, one per cent of a million is still 10,000, whereas 0.4 per cent is a mere 4000. Still a lot, but noticeably less alarming.

In the meantime, Sony has released some troubleshooting tips for those plagued with the dreaded PS4 blinking blue light error.