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Sony clarifies video downloading issue

Plus: the latest on Police Academy.

Sony has confirmed you will be able to play games while downloading content from the new Video PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service - providing you're playing offline.

"During online gameplay the background download of both games and videos may be slowed or paused. This is to ensure the user has enough bandwidth to seamlessly play online without interruption or have a poor gaming experience," a technical type explained.

"Once the gameplay doesn't require the additional bandwidth, the background download can be restarted or will continue normally."

In other words, you might struggle to download a film and play a game online at the same time - but when playing offline you won't have a problem.

Following today's earlier story regarding the PSN video service, Sony has also provided us with an update regarding whether the Police Academy series will appear in the store. European product marketing director Mark Hardy had this to say: "So far only Police Academy 3, 5 and 6 will be available in the German store."

At least that includes Assignment Miami Beach, but what about Mission to Moscow? And who cares if they're in German, apart from 82 million German people?

"If your readers really want these films as you suggest, we'll try and get them on the service," said Hardy. Come on Eurogamer readers, speak up in the comments below! YES WE CAN!