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Sony announces 10 more PSVR 2 launch window games

Ahead of tomorrow's release.

As we teeter on the cusp of tomorrow's PSVR 2 launch, Sony has announced an additional 10 games coming to its new-fangled virtual reality hardware in the "near future" - a number that pushes its launch window line-up over the 40 mark.

First up is developer Free Lives' gladiatorial smash-'em-up Gorn, which launches on 16th March. Also due in March is Nock: Bow + Arrow Soccer, which, as its name suggests, blends archery and football for a spot of "high-stakes" sports action.

Next on the list is Arizona Sunshine studio Vertigo Games' Hellsweeper VR, an "intense VR experience where earthly physics do not exist and gravity-defying movements become your new reality". This one's coming "later this year".

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Also due "later this year" is Sushi Ben, a VR narrative adventure in which players attempt to save a local sushi restaurant from going out of business, and Another Fisherman's Tale, the sequel to InnerspaceVR's 2019 recursive puzzler A Fisherman's Tale.

If you're looking for something closer to release, there's Ragnarock - a viking-themed solo/multiplayer VR rhythm - and anime-inspired motorcycle action game Runner, both of which launch tomorrow alongside PSVR. Also coming tomorrow is Unplugged: Air Guitar, a rock music game featuring tracks from the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, The Offspring and Weezer.

And rounding out Sony's list of new line-up additions are "realistic sword-fighting game" Swordsman VR and Startenders: Intergalactic Bartending, which serves up a spot of cocktail-making silliness. Both are offering free PSVR 2 upgrades from the PSVR versions.

Trailers for all the above titles - which join PSVR 2's already sizeable launch window line-up - can be found in Sony's announcement post.

PSVR 2 arrives tomorrow, 22nd February, for £530/€600/$550, and early impressions are positive, although Eurogamer's Ian Higton did lament the relative "lack of big, standout launch titles that you could describe as a system seller" in his review. Digital Foundry, meanwhile, called PSVR 2 a "vastly superior VR experience" to its predecessor.

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