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Sonic Rivals returns on PSP

With Tails in tow.

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Sonic Rivals is set to return to PSP this autumn with a bunch of new gameplay features, multiplayer modes and unlockables.

Sonic Rivals 2 will introduce Tails to the platform-racer's character selection, signature moves for everyone involved, and upgraded power-ups and range weapons along with an improved "jostling" system.

Single players will be able to take advantage of a Free Play mode to revisit their favourite levels, while a new Battle mode will allow two players to join in with six multiplayer challenges using just one copy of the game.

Card-trading and collection has also been enhanced, says publisher SEGA, with 150 collectible cards - and unlockables that stem from them and offer you PSP background images and Cup Circuits as extras.

Check out our Sonic Rivals 2 PSP screenshot gallery for more, and if you're bewildered as to what we're on about, check out our Sonic Rivals PSP review.

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