Sonic Rivals 2

SEGA to follow Nintendo's Mario model

When it comes to releasing Sonic games.

SEGA exec Alan Pritchard has revealed more about the company's plans to delist less-than-stellar Sonic games - suggesting the publisher may take a leaf out of an old rival's book.

Sonic Rivals 2

Sonic Rivals 2

Race riot.

Exhibit A

To the sound of happy tinkly electronica made out of Yamaha DX7s and rainbows:

"Can you see? The sun is shining on me. It makes me feel so free! So alive! It makes me want to survive. And the sky - it makes me feel so high! The bad times pass me by, cos today, is going to be a brighter day. Can you feel the sunshine? Does it brighten up your day? Reach out for the sunshine, forget about the rain! Just think about the good times, and they will come back again."

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Sonic Rivals returns on PSP

With Tails in tow.

Sonic Rivals is set to return to PSP this autumn with a bunch of new gameplay features, multiplayer modes and unlockables.