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Snipperclips will finally get Pro Controller support when its big expansion arrives next week

Cutting it fine.

Snipperclips will finally support Switch's amply sized Pro Controller and Joy-Con grip, thanks to a free update due next week.

Snipperclips launched alongside Switch earlier this year, and its delightful multiplayer puzzle action - based around paper-cutting and shape manipulation - offered a great demonstration of the console's social gaming strengths. However, to accommodate many participants, it could only be played using Switch's small, rather fiddly individual Joy-Cons. Anyone wishing to use the more comfortable Pro Controller or dual-Joy-Con grip was out of luck.

Those players not lucky enough to have tiny mouse hands will finally be rewarded on November 10th though, Nintendo told IGN. A free update, bringing support for a wider number of Switch controllers, will launch alongside the new Snipperclips Plus expansion.

Cover image for YouTube videoSnipperclips Plus: Cut It Out Together! - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Snipperclips' only real flaw at launch was its relative brevity, and Snipperclips Plus aims to remedy that by adding more than 30 new stages. There will be two new worlds - Comic Book and Toy Box - as well as three new Blitz Mode activities, a Stamp mode for creating art, and remixed original levels, which can play using new shapes.

Snipperclips Plus will launch as an all-inclusive standalone title, and as a paid-DLC update for owners of the original game. Both versions will be available on the eShop from November 10th, and the free controller update should arrive on the same day.