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Slitterhead's "unique mechanics" include a playable dog

Who's a good boy!

Bokeh Game Studio has given us a fresh look at its upcoming horror-but-not-too-horror game, Slitterhead.

In an all-new developer diary posted to YouTube (see below), Bokeh revealed new details about its inaugural title, including a sneaky peek at some of the game's enemies, abilities, and – surprise! – the ability to play as a dog.

Dev Diary: User Tests.Watch on YouTube

Given "early development footage" is stamped across all snippets of gameplay and most of the action comes from early tests, it's safe to presume that development has moved on since this footage was captured, but nonetheless, it provides a tantalising glimpse at what's in store.

Alongside action sequences and a blurry peek at some of the enemies we'll be encountering, we're also treated to a brief section where we seem to play as a stray dog who explores the world by sniffing the air around them and following a blood-red trail that hangs in the air (thanks, NME).

"The game includes some unique mechanics," says project manager, Takuro Konno, albeit not telling us what, exactly, those mechanics are. "Out of the tests we had so far, a majority of players say these are the best features. This means we can be confident on these."

Keiichiro Toyama - the creator and director of Silent Hill, Siren, Gravity Rush, and more - unveiled his latest horror project, Slitterhead, back in December 2021. It's the work of Toyama's new studio, Bokeh, which he founded after departing SCE Japan Studio at the tail-end of 2020.

Bokeh, which is also home to several other SCE Japan Studio alumni - including Gravity Rush lead designer Junya Okura and Kazunobu Sato - confirmed its first project would see Toyama return to his horror roots back in February 2021.

Still unsure about what kind of game Slitterhead will be? Responding to questions posed by fans via social media, the team - consisting of CEO and creator Keiichiro Toyama, game director and CTO Junya Okura, plus COO and producer Kazunobu Sato - recently offered some tantalising teases about the new title, including the hope that it will appeal to "players who don't usually play horror games".

"The game doesn't fully enter the horror genre. It spans over multiple genres where horror is expressed. From there, I wanted to widen the player base who could access the game, including players who don't usually play horror games," Toyama said at the time.

"There is a terror aspect that I want to include even if the game lays more towards action," Okura added. "There are some slow and fast moments as well. I'd like to include some horror elements in the slower parts, balancing with the frenzy action moments."

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